France, The 10 best reasons to invest (other than wine & cheese)

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« Yes you can », Barack Obama 


Or I would say Yes you can invest in France again ! 

You build the French Riviera and now you can do more.

Here are The 10 best reasons to invest in France, other than wine & cheese.

  • 1 Of course Wine & Cheese !

This the first reason why you like to visit France. Our amazing gastronomy, famous around the world. 350 different cheeses, almost 1 different everyday, and much more for wines and champagne. And nowadays all our food gets organic.

  • 2 Architecture

From Paris to villages in the country, our architecture has centuries, and when you buy a property in France, you also by a piece of history.

  • 3 The economy

France is the 6th country in the world regarding GDP. For a small country it is a very good ratio. And the new government wants to reach a triple A again soon.

  • 4 Innovations

Our engineers and scientists are some of the best in the world, France is leading in many scientific matters, from aerospace to high speed train, which means from earth to the sky ! And now Station F in Paris is the biggest incubator in the world.

  • 5 Headquarters

France will be the leader in terms of US European headquarters, such as Google or Facebook, so you will feel home.

  • 6 The Président

We have the only president that both Trump and Obama like, isn’t it fascinating ?

  • 7 Taxes

Yes France has a high level of taxes, but that’s because everything is free : schools, university, healthcare, and almost everything to protect you.

  • 8 Strikes

I know we have strikes. Consider them as a French, latin and passionated love story between people and government.

  • 9 The lifestyle

The French savoir-vivre is part of the culture. French work 35 hours a week, but that’s because they are one of the most productive country in the world(rank 6th). By the way with artificial intelligence and all the amazing start-ups people are gonna work only 15 hours per week in a near future and everywhere is the world. So French consider that they are in advance.

  • 10 France is the most glamourous-chic country !

Remember the Cannes Festival, Hemingway at The Ritz Paris … Americans and French have made those times part of history, and for the best !

France needs fun, and you’re very good at it.

So come and visit France, they wait for you.

Jacques Doassans


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