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Paris si on the rise regarding the culture and the economy. Just after the election of its new and young Président, the city has gotten a bigger international exposure.

Here are The 10 best reasons to invest in Paris

  • 1 The cafés and terrasses

Everyboby love Paris for its cafés and terrasses. Spending long hours enjoying a drink is one of the French favorite sport. They represent romantism, freedom and the french art de vivre. When you buy a property in Paris, you also by a piece this « cool » attitude.

  • 2 The Architecture 

Every streets and corners have an amazing history. A love story, a philosoph or an incredible poetry. The landmark buildings are constantly renovated and will always be a safe investment.

  • 3 The economy

Le Grand Paris is an amazing project which will connect the heart of the City to all the suburban areas. Paris is becoming an international mega-city which will compete with the biggest ones.

  • 4 Innovations

Station F in Paris is the biggest incubator in the world with 1 000 startups. Paris is also connected to all the cities in Europe with the biggest high-speed train network.

  • 5 International

Most of the europeans branch of international companies are in Paris, more than in Germany or the UK, so the job market is very strong. You can also add 310 000 students and 400 millions foreign visitors. This is very important if you want to rent your investment. Most of the young generation is now fluent in English so you will be able to communicate with them easily.

  • 6 The green project

The city is becoming greener and you will be able to ride a bike by the Seine river, or walk through parks anytime.

  • 7 Real Estate prices

Real estate prices in the most beautiful city in the world are on the rise (around 10 000€ per sqr meter), but they are still affordable compare to the other mega-cities in the world such as New York, Hong Kong or Singapour.

  • 8 Strikes

I know we have strikes. But again you should consider them as a French, latin and passionated love story between the people and the government.

  • 9 The lifestyle

The French savoir-vivre is part of the culture. French work 35 hours a week, but they are one of the most productive work force in the world (rank 6th). Because of the French art history they also are very creative.

  • 10 Paris is the most glamourous-chic city !

Hemingway at The Ritz Paris, Marry Cassat, Man Ray, Judith Wolfe and hundreds of other  international artists have settled or like to come often. Many restaurants, café or hotels can tell you stories and dramas about a star. Romance, poetry or philosophy are everywhere.

Paris is both a city for lovers and smart business man. The French way of life is now very trendy, and the country future has no limit. It is perhaps the best time to be here.


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